About Us



The company was founded in the Netherlands by the Milhado family in 1888. It has been passed down from generation-to-generation and, in mid-1980, one of the grandsons brought the company to the US. He married a shoe designer, Monique Tannour, and the Monique label was born.For the past three decades the Monique label has been sold in hundreds of stores all over the world and sold in many department stores under a private label. Now, after three decades of selling thttps://mailorderbride.pro/free-adult-chat-rooms/ do your homeworko stores, the ability for the customers themselves to design their very own shoe by letting their imagination run wild has come.


Each shoe made by Monique is hand-Crafted on the coast of Spain using fine assortments https://mailorderbride.pro/free-adult-chat-rooms/ do your homeworkof leather, fabric, and many eye catching ornaments. Monique’s styles have always been geared for the women looking for something that is both different and refreshing.The brand is now available at your fingertips allowing you a unique experience where you can custom design your own pair of shoes beyond your wildest imaginations.

Monique has ensured that an opportunity like this is available to any woman that loves shoes. The size range is accommodating to every women, whether your feet are large, small, wide, or narrow you can design your own pair.

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