Our Story


Our story dates back to the Milhado family business of the Netherlands in 1888. The business has been passed down from generation-to-generation and, in the mid-1980’s, one of the grandsons, Robert Herschberg brought the company to the US. He married a shoe designer, Monique Tannour, and in tribute to his beautiful wife, the Monique label was born.

or the past three decades, Monique label shoes have been sold in hundreds of stores all over the world; as well as in many department stores under a private label.

Now, after three decades of selling to stores, it is time for our customers to begin designing for themselves. We know every woman is unique, and that one size and one style does not fit all. So, the power is now yours, and we are pleased to give it to you. Let your imagination run wild because the barriers no longer exist.

Each shoe made by Monique is hand-crafted on the coast of Spain using a fine assortment of leather, fabric, and radient decorative touches.

Monique styles have always been geared for the women looking for something that is both different and refreshing. The brand is now
available at your fingertips allowing you a unique experience where you can custom design your own pair of shoes beyond your
wildest imaginations.

Monique has ensured that an opportunity like this is available to any woman that loves shoes. The size range is accommodating to every women, whether your feet are large, small, wide, or narrow you can design your own pair.

  • 1888
  • The Milhaldo Family located in the Netherlands was well known all over the world for designing and manufacturing quality footwear.The family tradition continued and was refined throughout the next three generations.
  • Robert Herschberg brought the family company to the United States. Naturally he met and married another shoe designer named Monique.
  • 1985
  • 1990
  • The Monique label was established, and for over 25 years the Monique label has been sold in hundreds of independant boutiques and high-end department stores under a private label.
  • Robert begins getting requests for unique and custom styles from his followers all over the world. Using his established relationship with Spanish shoemakers, he designed his first client based single pair of shoes, Since that time, thousands of unique pairs of shoes have been created by sitting down with women from all around the world.
  • 2007
  • 2010
  • Having many repeat clients throughout the year, Robert added handbags to this design offering. The option of being able to design a unique handbag made of the same material and color to compliment their one-of-a-kind shoe, quickly became a hit.
  • Robert begans working on several options to make this design process widely available, so that woman could design a quality shoe right from home. The MoniqueCustomShoes.com project was born, and Robert forms a team to being the process of making this dream a reality..
  • 2012
  • 2016
  • The soft launch of MoniqueCustomShoes.com begins. It’s here! Department stores and high-end designers no longer dictate what you can get. Now, you too can design the perfect shoe that is uniquely and completely YOU!
logo2Each shoe and handbag is hand-crafted in Spain using only the finest assortments of leathers, fabrics, and classic ornaments. We do not use synthetic leathers in the crafting of any of our products. The look of Monique has always been that of timeless class, combined with a different and refreshing style concept.

The brand is now available at your fingertips allowing each client a unique experience. Design a shoe beyond your wildest imagination!

Our sizes range from US 6-13 and are available using our unique customizer, with sizes US 2-5 available through our Special Order program. All of our styles are available in three widths: narrow, regular, and wide. Beyond that: see our Special Order page for more options. We can do just about anything you can imagine!